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Matrix rigidity differentially regulates invadopodia activity through ROCK1 and ROCK2

Journal Article published Apr 2016 in Biomaterials volume 84 on pages 119 to 129

Research funded by National Cancer Institute (K25CA143412) | American Cancer Society (RSG-15-226-01-CSM)

Authors: Rachel J. Jerrell, Aron Parekh

Watch the GAP: Emerging Roles for IQ Motif-Containing GTPase-Activating Proteins IQGAPs in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Journal Article published 2012 in International Journal of Hepatology volume 2012 on pages 1 to 8

Research funded by American Cancer Society (RSG-09-033-01-CSM)

Authors: Valentina A. Schmidt

SM proteins Sly1 and Vps33 co-assemble with Sec17 and SNARE complexes to oppose SNARE disassembly by Sec18

Journal Article published 16 May 2014 in eLife volume 3

Research funded by National Institute of General Medical Sciences (RO1 GM077349, T32 GM07270, RO1 GM077349, T32 GM07270) | American Cancer Society (RSG-10-026-01-CSM, RSG-10-026-01-CSM)

Authors: Braden T Lobingier, Daniel P Nickerson, Sheng-Ying Lo, Alexey J Merz

High-grade serous ovarian cancer cell lines exhibit heterogeneous responses to growth factor stimulation

Journal Article published Dec 2015 in Cancer Cell International volume 15 issue 1

Research funded by American Cancer Society (RSG-13-026-01-CSM) | National Institutes of Health (1DP2CA195766-01) | University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center (P30 CA014520)

Authors: Danielle L. Bourgeois, Karl A. Kabarowski, Veronica L. Porubsky, Pamela K. Kreeger

Forcing through Tumor Metastasis: The Interplay between Tissue Rigidity and Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transition

Journal Article published Feb 2016 in Trends in Cell Biology volume 26 issue 2 on pages 111 to 120

Research funded by National Cancer Institute (1RO1CA168689, 1R01CA174869, 1R21CA191442) | American Cancer Society (RSG-09-282-01-CSM) | U.S. Department of Defense (W81XWH-13-1-0132) | National Institutes of Health (2T32CA067754, 5T32CA077109) | Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation

Authors: Spencer C. Wei, Jing Yang

GRASPs in Golgi Structure and Function

Journal Article published 6 Jan 2016 in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology volume 3

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (GM087364, GM105920, GM112786) | American Cancer Society (RGS-09-278-01-CSM)

Authors: Xiaoyan Zhang, Yanzhuang Wang

Histopathologic grading of oral mucositis

Journal Article published 30 Sep 2014 in Oral Diseases volume 21 issue 3 on pages 355 to 360

Research funded by American Cancer Society (116945-RSG-09-038-01-CCE) | Feist-Weiller Cancer Center

Authors: G Sunavala-Dossabhoy, F Abreo, PS Timiri Shanmugam, G Caldito

Functional interactions between nucleoporins and chromatin

Journal Article published Feb 2011 in Current Opinion in Cell Biology volume 23 issue 1 on pages 65 to 70

Research funded by American Cancer Society (RSG 09-178-01-DDC)

Authors: Yun Liang, Martin W Hetzer

OSM potentiates preintravasation events, increases CTC counts, and promotes breast cancer metastasis to the lung

Journal Article published 14 Jun 2018 in Breast Cancer Research volume 20 issue 1

Research funded by National Cancer Institute (NIH R15 #NIH R15CA137510) | INBRE (NIH/NCRR) NIH/NCRR (#P20RR016454, #P20GM103408) | Susan G. Komen for the Cure (#KG100513) | American Cancer Society (#RSG-09-276-01-CSM)

Authors: Ken Tawara, Celeste Bolin, Jordan Koncinsky, Sujatha Kadaba, Hunter Covert, Caleb Sutherland, Laura Bond, Joseph Kronz, Joel R. Garbow, Cheryl L. Jorcyk

Defense Microcomputing in the 1980s: Problems & Research Priorities

Report published 31 Dec 1980

Authors: III Wittmeyer, James F.